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Haevn uses a personalized, human focused process to solve the chicken and egg dilemma of
needing experience to get a job, but needing a job to get experience.


Becoming a member of Haevn gives you access to a completely new way of building professional confidence. Our unique project formula is designed to fit into whatever stage you are at in your career development.

Micro Internship Flow

We build and manage micro internships. These projects are 6-8 week, part time, paid experiences where we take a holistic approach to developing both personal and professional skills (all in a super fun group setting).


Our goal is to create a safe space that allows you to feel seen, heard, and valued. Once you join Haevn, your personalized concierge will work with you to connect you with a team captain, and a group of people we guarantee you will like.

“We are so excited about Haevn assisting our students in connecting to meaningful career opportunities. - Scott Crawford | ED Knox College Career Center

“While we have so much work do to, managing interns can add more stress than benefit. Haevn took the heavy lift away, and we are thrilled to be hiring one of our interns full time!" 
- Verity Noble | Founder NudeFoods Market

“After such a stressful year Haevn brought me back to life. I now have a strong resume, lots of professional confidence, and most importantly new friends who share my interests and actually care about my success." - Amanda Liddle | CU Boulder '21


Do you have skills, interests, and a desire to create a meaningful career? We want to pay you to build experience, in a group setting while working on short term projects. This is a place for you to grow while feeling seen, heard, and valued. Check out our open projects below!



We help create jobs. We would love to work with you to define a short-term project that would not only help you reach your next milestone, but would provide you an easy way to access and support diverse, next generation talent. Our goal is to take the hassle out of managing interns.



Have you always wanted to help next generation leaders develop themselves? Mentorship can often be a logistical struggle, but working through Haevn makes it easy. Fill out the brief form below and your own personal concierge will be in touch to set you up with the perfect short-term project.



Is it part of your mission to help students translate education into employment? We want to help! We are excited to see how your students could engage with one of our amazing open projects. Feel free to send them to joinhaevn.com or reach out to us directly to learn more!



Want to learn more? Send us an email and your personal Haevn concierge will be in touch right away!
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