A great employee
starts with a
confident person.

Confidence is what we build at Haevn.

We saw endless online content, unengaging L&D programs, unrelatable coaches and a generation of talent who were not activated by the career development options they were given.

When everyone else offers cookie cutter packages and regimented programs that young professionals need to mold to, Haevn flips the script and meets young talent where they are – providing modern, personalized support when and where they need it.

We have designed an intake process that looks at the student holistically, which our specialists then use to build a career incubation plan tailored to their unique preferences, goals, and challenges.

Members are then met with a curated team of culturally competent Career Navigators, development experts, and industry mentors. To unlock truly wraparound support, we also match students with micro-communities of peers with shared backgrounds, challenges, and desired career paths.  

Haevn is career development reimagined. We built our member-centric solution to cultivate young employees who are activated, engaged, and committed. See what the next generation can do for your company, by making your employees your competitive advantage. 

Increase Engagement

next generation leaders have huge potential

When young people feel supported, they support you. The next generation is incredibly capable, talented, and passionate but they are also scared, alone, and lost. Show the young people in your company that they are important and valued. Trust us, they will return the favor with their engagement.

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Foster Commitment

invest in them, and they will invest in you

Employees want to feel like you are invested in their professional growth. Haevn helps employees interact with themselves, their peers, and their industries. Haevn guides members through reflections designed to make them more confident, helps them expand their networks, and connects them to opportunities for professional growth.

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Uplift The Whole

young people are the key to relevancy

When you have the energy and perspective of young talent in your organization, the whole place comes alive. Results in your business come from a team that is activated. There is no better way to do that then to start with those who have deep intrinsic motivation.

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Uplevel Emerging Talent

develop professional confidence,
build meaningful relationships,
Take control of your career.

The Haevn Experience

12 Week Career Development

  • Personal 1-1 Career Navigator
  • One Group Session Per Week
  • Individualized Planning Tools
  • Custom Collection of Resources, Tools, and Opportunities.
Take Control Of Your Career

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