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1-1 Career Navigator

your first career development teammate

The first part of joining Haevn is getting on a call with a certified Haevn Career Navigator. All of our Navigators are certified by Haevn to motivate, support, and coach our members while providing tools, training, and resources. No longer do entry-level employees have to figure it out on their own. Meet our Navigators below!

Meet Our Navigators

Aditi has always had a passion for helping others, specifically when it comes to mental health. She started her own non-profit in college to support young women in her home country of India. She loves to make people feel comfortable, and is especially good at navigating the early stages of being in the professional world.


Kenzie brings energy to everything she does. Her contagious laugh will instantly make you feel like part of her family. She loves to think about alternative educational paths, and is especially passionate about working with young women. She is sure to help you move towards that next professional step.


Known to her friends as the "WUPA" Misa brings energy into everything she does. Having struggled through out college to find her own path, she knows what it's like not to know. She is here to inspire you to be your fullest self, and encourage you to wake up every day with a smile on your face. Careful you might just make a new best friend!


Dwayne was raised on the 37 square mile of Island Sint Maarten. He has held operations roles at some of the hottest startups, and recently joined Haevn to follow his passion of supporting others to organize and jumpstart their lives. He has an unforgettable laugh and will truly help you see the best version of yourself.


When Jane is not spending time with her two horses Grace and Lucky, she is supporting the next generation of leaders. She draws on her vast experience as a CEO in startups to Fortune 500 companies. If you schedule with Jane, you also get the pleasure of meeting Haevn's Chief Happiness Officer, Bob.


Justin came up for the idea of Haevn after seeing so many of his peers struggle to find their places in the world. His calm energy is sure to help you ground down, and he has a unique way of helping you find what truly lights you up. His goal is that you leave his concierge call with a deeper belief in yourself, and a plan to realize that belief.

Participate In Sessions

small, facilitated group discussions

This is a game changer. Haevn Sessions are hour long, handpicked, interactive, 5-7 person groups that are facilitated by a certified Haevn Educator. They are formatted so participants are talking and reflecting. Our Sessions cover a wide variety of career readiness topics from strengths, to communication, to networking.

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Take Control Of Your Career

develop professional confidence

Breaking into the professional world is hard. Knowing who to talk to, what to ask, and how to reach out can be complex and overwhelming. Haevn has a strong focus on building professional relationships. Whether it's asking a key question to a CEO, or discussing the ins and outs of a job with a junior manager, Haevn equips members to be strong communicators.

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Uplevel Emerging Talent

develop professional confidence,
build meaningful relationships,
Take control of your career.

The Haevn Experience

12 Week Career Development

  • Personal 1-1 Career Navigator
  • One Group Session Per Week
  • Individualized Planning Tools
  • Custom Collection of Resources, Tools, and Opportunities.
Take Control Of Your Career

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